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Exclusive body  treatments

As the winter chill tightens its grip, our skin often becomes the silent victim, yearning for a rejuvenating touch. It's not just about braving the elements; it's about giving our skin the hydration it craves. At Facially Skin Bar, we understand the importance of addressing dehydrated skin, as we've witnessed many clients seeking solace from the effects of winter's dry embrace.


Signature Body Treatments 


In each of our meticulously crafted body treatments, we prioritize your skin's well-being and indulgence. Our signature trio of rituals ensures a transformative experience that goes beyond the surface, leaving you with a radiant and revitalized complexion. All of our body treatments include: 

Dry Brush Awakening: Your journey commences with a revitalizing dry brush session, an ancient technique that breathes life into your skin. This awakening ritual stimulates circulation, preparing your skin for the luxurious indulgence that follows. Feel the embrace of renewal as your senses come alive.

Double Cleanse: To set the stage for a detoxifying experience, we employ a thorough double cleanse. This step ensures that your skin is liberated from impurities, creating a clean canvas for the subsequent treatments. Our commitment to purity guarantees that your skin receives the full benefits of the indulgent journey that awaits.

Exfoliation Brilliance: Experience the rejuvenating effects of exfoliation as your skin is gently polished to perfection. This step unveils a smoother and more radiant complexion, enhancing the natural beauty that lies beneath the surface. Revel in the brilliance of exfoliation as your skin is treated with care and expertise.

Together, these rituals form the foundation of our body treatments, creating a holistic and transformative experience. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each moment of your journey is tailored to enhance your well-being and leave you with a luminous glow.

Whether you seek relaxation, revitalization, or radiance, choose from one of our signature body treatments to enhance your experience.

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