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Friends with Benefits Membership Policies

Our Friends with Benefits membership is a minimum of 6 months with auto-renew, month-to-month after initial 6 month term ends. Members have the option to purchase a paid-in-full membership, in which they pay for 6 months of membership upfront.

Membership Policies

Paid-in-full members have a total of 12 month to use services. Month to month members may accrue 10 carry over services. If a month-to-month memberships is canceled, you will have 6 months to use remaining member services. Membership is non transferable.


eGift cards may not be used to purchase a membership. A one-time processing fee of $25 applies. If the price of membership is increased, then Facially Skin Bar will provide a written notice via email and/or publication at least thirty (30) days prior to the price increase, and unless member directs otherwise, membership will continue.

A 24-hour cancellation notice is required to cancel a scheduled member service appointment. Failure to provide a 24-hour notice to cancel or show up for a scheduled appointment will result in forfeiture of that service for that month.


  • No Refunds

  • Cancel Anytime

  • If you decide you no longer want the membership- sell it or transfer it

  • If you miss a monthly facial rollover to a friend 

  • Discounts on services do not apply to packages, Microblading and Body Sculpting/Contouring treatments

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